This is what we do:

You have fitness goals. We have resources and people to make them a reality. 


30 Day Kick Start consist of healthy habit programs to help adults uncover the secrets of adopting every day creative ways to eat healtier without starving. Whether you are a busy professional wanting to reduce stress, remove excess pounds, lower your cholesterol and Type II Diabetes and create daily exercising goals and motivate to a positive outlook, try this plan: 

  • Focus on Quality of Calories
  • Prevent disease & unhealthy aging
  • Boost your energy, reduce stress, and sleep better
  • Learn to plan ahead for successful easy meal planning
  • Find an exercise routine you can stick to long term.

Many people spend their entire working lives saving for their retirement all in order to ensure that they can enjoy the "Prime Time" years one's life. However many do not take the time to invest in their health for retirement. What's the point of having a large savings account if you do not have the health to enjoy it? Also, not everyone can save as much money or  have as much free time as they want; this is why you need to work to SAVE your health. 

30 DAY KICK START you will learn: 

  • ​Eating strategies that will help shed unwanted, extra pounds without starving
  • How to help the mind stay strong and sharp as you age
  • And so much, much more. 

30 DAY KICK START to "Wear yourself out" is simple and motivating to follow. You will be able to partake in my coaching and training programs either virtual or in person which delivers guidance and support around the clock. I specialize in 1:1 or couple sessions. 

Included in the 30 DAY KICK START: 


4 (30 min) 1:1 sessions

2 (30 min) 1:1 workout session (virtual)

2 Emails Check-in per week

1-15 min phone call at the end of each week.



($50  per week per person, 2x a week)

MONTHLY GROUP TRAINING~3 or more (in person)

(40$ a week per person, 2x a week)

MONTHLY PRIVATE TRAINING 1:1 (virtual or in person)

($100 per week, 2x week, 1 person)

30 DAY KICK START to a Healthy New You


$360  (per person)






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